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Welcome to Quiet Mouse Innovations


For those of you looking to purchase our mouse I am sorry to say

 that we have currently suspended production and sales of our mice.

 During this time we will focus on improving our production process.

 Our service department is still open and we still guarantee all mice

 that we have sold in the past. Please do not hesitate to contact us if

 you have any problems.

Quiet Mouse Innovations is currently looking for financial partners

 and design & production engineers to join with us.  

For those of you unfamiliar with what we do, we are known as world’s best quiet computer mouse maker. The mice we make function like any other mouse, except they do it without that annoying clicking soundWe are now seeking investors and design / production engineers who understand the potential and would like to be a part of our successMaking a great quiet computer mouse is an extremely difficult thing to do, which is why none of the big manufacturers have taken on the challenge. Although we do produce a great product, our production system is highly inefficient and very labor intensive. Because of the specialized hand labor needed to produce our mouse our production is very limited. We are currently looking for ways to improve, and hopefully automate, our patented quieting processes. This business has unlimited potential but without this change we will never reach that potential.

We have proved that there is a large market for this product if it can be produced efficiently. Our mouse should be the standard for all mice. Why would you possibly want a noisy mouse when you could have a quiet one? Would you buy a remote control for your TV that made a click noise every time you changed the channel? Of course not. If all computer mice were made quiet from the time they were fist invented do you think anyone today would desire to purchase a noisy mouse? No way! The lack of a good quiet mouse for so many years has led people to just expect the noise regardless of if they want it or not. We hope to change that way of thinking, and reap the rewards. If you you have the expertise we are looking for, please contact me. My phone number is (989) 799-6769 and my email address is [email protected]

Thank you very much. 

Greg Maroun

 [email protected]