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Have you ever wondered why computer mice make that annoying clicking noise?  As long as you can feel the click why do you need to hear it?  The reason is simple, noisy mice are very easy to produce.  The opposite is also true.  Making a truly quiet mouse, with a great tactile click feel, is a very difficult thing to do.  Quiet Mouse Innovations opened in 2007 and we have been producing the finest quiet computer mouse in the world ever since.  We are a small company committed to quality and service.  All of our mice are customized by hand, using our own unique patented quieting process, right here in Michigan.  This quieting process is very labor intensive and the finished product is amazing.  No other manufacturer in the world has access to this technology.  

 If you have ever tried other brands of quiet mouse or (so-called) silent mouse you have probably been disappointed.  Despite what you may read advertised there is no such thing as a truly silent mouse, they all make some amount of noise.  We guarantee our QuietSmooth mouse to be the quietest computer mouse in the world, period.  Other mice may copy our look, but not our quality.  You can read reviews of our products on our Customer Comments page.

 Quiet Mouse products are sold only through this website and we ship worldwide for only $6.00 ( $3 shipping to US and Canada ).  The classic QuietSmooth USB is a three button, 800 dpi, optical, wired mouse for $39.  It features a extra long 6 foot (2 meters) USB cord.  Our wireless QuietSmooth optical mouse is available for $49.  This mouse is slightly smaller than our wired mouse and has three buttons and a mini USB receiver.  It also features a switch on top of the mouse to quickly change between 800 to 1600 dpi, fast for quick work and slow for when you need more accuracy.  Our products are guaranteed for twelve months and if you are not completely satisfied with your QuietSmooth mouse you may return it for a full refund, including the shipping cost !!

Quiet Mouse Innovations
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