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Customer Testimonials

I'm sure we'll enjoy it. This will be our fourth wired unit; we also have one wireless model. Anyone who wants them will have to pry them from my cold, dead hands.
--James K

I've been using your wireless computer mouse for about a week, and I must say that it is PERFECT! Not a sound, but still a satisfying "click" feeling for my finger. How do you people DO that? I will be recommending this mouse to everyone I know as a great solution to a common problem, when the constant clicking of a mouse drives someone else over the wall. This is a real relationship saver! Thanks again for making this wonderful product available!
--Mike J

Mouse arrived here in The Netherlands today. Its strange using it at first with having the tactile click feedback but without hearing any irritating clicking. Just what I wanted. Very pleased with it and would recommend.
--Robert C

Hi Greg, I just had to say I am very impressed with your shipping - I purchased my mouse late Friday afternoon you shipped it Saturday and I got it today Monday, you put Amazon to shame and they are pretty quick. What's more my daughter loves it more than her last quiet mouse by another company. If and when we need more mice we will coming back to your site, and I will certainly recommend you to friend when they need a mouse. Have a great week.
--Peter U

This mouse is fantastic! Like every quietmouse should be. I've only tried it some hours but everything feels right. Smart and neat little product, I will probably order two more very soon:) Thanks!

Thank you Greg! That was fast. I hope this shipment will arrive in Poland at my friend there as it is a Christmast gift. I already have 2 of your quietmouse, one for me and one for my girlfriend and I'm very satisfied with it and that's why I recomend it for my friends. :-) I'm very impressed by the quality of the mouse. In my opinion it as well as good as other mouses in the same price class. And best thing is; it's completly quiet! :-) My girlfriend is sitting next to me and playing those small clicking games on her laptop while I watch tv or reading stuff on my computer and I'm no longer disturbed by her clicking. :-) Very satisfied customer. Best regards, Joakim, Sweden Bo't 2 bc my workmate's solitaire habit was driving me CRAZY! Now, we each have a quietmouse and Peace and Harmony Reigns!!! Plus they work great! I'll never order another type of mouse! Thanks for saving my sanity.

The quiet mouse arrived today. What a pleasure to use. I work as a family Dr, and our practice management programme is very mouseclick intensive. I am so pleased to have eliminated those intrusive and oh so annoying clicks! Thank you very much. Regards.
--Chris L

Just want to say I love my quiet mouse. So tired of hearing the hundreds of clicks. Posted your info on my facebook with my recommendation. Thanks!

I just received the mouse yesterday. This thing is A M A Z I N G ~ !!! This is exactly what I was looking for. Quiet and so smooth. Great product! Thanks!

I just wanted to say that I am VERY pleased with EVERYTHING! Your site was secure, price was right, service was phenomenal! I am very pleased with my mouse also! You're running a great business! Thanks again!
--Lisa A

Absolutely Fantastic! This quiet mouse is a screamer!
--Ray P

This product is AWESOME! I love it and my wife loves it. I tried it out myself and am really impressed at the feel of the mouse button click without the noise. Thanks also for the sales support over the phone. I know where to get my next mouse.
--Mario T

I just received the item and it is fantastic. I'm a graduate student and spend most of my time in the quiet library and since I don't enjoy using the mouse pad of the laptop, a regular mouse is the way to go and in a library environment, this is going to help me a lot. I found out about your company through Google since I was looking for a silent mouse, my keywords got me your web site. My only recommendation would be using channels like Amazon, Ebay or BestBuy (if you aren't already), I'm pretty sure there'll be people who will want this product, especially students, and it might be more convenient to reach them through the channels that they frequent. Anyway, thanks for sending me a personal e-mail, I really enjoy my purchase. Best of luck in your business, I know I will try to spread the work in my surrounding.
--Alper M

My wife constantly plays solitaire while I'm working and used to drive me out of my mind, But not any more! Your mouse is a freaking godsend-thank you!
--Dave H

I am very pleased with the QuietSmooth mouse which I have been using now for a while. I purchased the mouse because I have something called Hyperacusis, which is a condition resulting in an oversensitivity to sounds – even everyday sounds like the clicking of a mouse. Because it’s sometimes the little noises which distract me the most from my work, being able to eliminate even a small noise (mouse clicking) is a big pleasure for me. Thanks for providing a pleasant-to-use mouse which not only works very well but is quiet to boot.
--Andy G

I just want to report that after using the wireless quietsmooth mouse for two months, I couldn't be more pleased with it. It really is silent, and I like the way the USB plug fits so neatly into the socket, so that it doesn't stick out and get caught on cords as much as the one from my last wireless mouse. Obviously you cared about design in more than just noise reduction.
--John O I've read tons of reviews, even tried a (competitor brand) silent mouse which had no touch-feedback on clicking and gave out in a month. I just tried your mouse and it's everything I want and could ask for. Thanks so much and no more waking the wife!
--David M

I just wanted to let you know that I received the mouse today, and I already love it! A lot more mice should be made like this, because I think the market and demand for them would be a lot higher if more people knew just how nice they are. I'm sure my wife would be more than happy to attest that this will be a sanity saver for her. Thanks!
--Garret R Got the mouse.... We're really happy with it. It works great!

I am using it now and it will probably save my relationship. My girlfriend and I share an office at home and I was driving her insane with the clicking. The mouse is on my Birthday list already for my second screen. I've already mentioned it to others and I know that one is in the process of ordering. I am in sales and work with financial advisors all over the midwest. I will be doing my best to help you sell more and rid the world of clicking!
--Luke C

Unfortunately, my computer is in my bedroom right now and I use the evenings to catch up on work and business. For months, my wife complained about the clicking noise coming from the mouse and how it prevented her from falling asleep. One night she decided that she had enough. She asked me to "Please find a mouse that does not click!". After doing a quick search, I found you guys. Your mouse came quickly and was packaged nicely. I was amazed to find that the mouse actually does not click! there is virtually no noise that comes from the mouse. Needless to say, my wife can now sleep and I can get my work done. Thanks so much for creating such a great product.
--Zak N

Hey folks! Just wanted to let you guys know that I have been using my QuietSmooth L mouse for about a year now, and still works perfectly. Took a few days to get used to the quiet buttons, but since then it has been flawless. Thanks for filling a niche. I use it at work 8hrs/day, doing electronic design with lots of CAD work, so the mouse gets a lot of use. Thanks again!
--Mark M

The quiet mouse works as advertised. It's a great product. Now I can play my games without hearing my wife gripe about the clicking. Thanks!
--Tim D

The mouse made the transatlantic crossing in very good time - about one week or so - and I must say that we are very pleased with it, My wife for whom it was intended, as it is a nice mouse to handle and for me as the loud clicking noise from the old mouse is now something of the past. Brilliant product, just hope it lasts, but I am confident it will.
Kind regards,
Hans V

I just wanted to write and let you know how much I like the Quiet Mouse! Personally, I don't understand why the Quiet Mouse isn't the standard. Exellent product! I've been recommending it to friends and family alike. I wish your company continued success. Great work!
--Ed V.

I did receive my Quiet mouse on time and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. It works great and its completely silent, you made my wife really happy! I do extensive image editing in photoshop and she goes crazy with the constant clicking...not any more! I tried the Thanko Silent Mouse II before and returned it after a couple of days, it was tiny, you couldn't feel when you click it and it was all over the screen. I really like the size and feel of yours and the fact that you can feel the clicks is ideal, my only wish is that it was a little heavier but that is not a deal breaker for me. Overall I think your product is great! Many Thanks!
--Ricardo P

I just received the mouse, let me say congratulations mate, you did an astonishing job with this mouse, it's really silent and the feeling is good !!! 4 days to be delivered, thank you and USPS.

I recently ordered and received 5 mice to use in our broadcast studios... so far so good ... I really like the product! We were having trouble with mouse clicks being picked up by our studio microphones and going out over the air, so I needed a solution that would eliminate the tiny noise ... which I've found thanks to you guys! I'm sure I'll be ordering more and recommending to others!
--Chad C

Just last week, I bought a Quietsmooth for my teenage daughter. She was driving me crazy with all the clicking she does on myspace and facebook.. Now I don’t here a thing; I love it
--James D

I received my mouse yesterday. The install was a breeze (Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit). I'm a gamer and really enjoy playing at night in bed instead of watching television. So, my wife had to deal with click, click-click, click-click-click-click, you get the idea. This is absolutely the quietest mouse I've ever used. My wife is so happy she asked, "why don't they make all mice like that?" If I have one complaint, it's about the size. I'm not a big guy, and I don't have overly long fingers, and still the length, or rather lack thereof, of the mouse makes things a little uncomfortable. Still, I was able to use it and assume I will get used to it. But, if you ever produce a longer mouse in the future, I would love to hear about it. Thanks!
--Kieron D

My QuietSmooth mouse arrived today. I LOVE it and so does my husband. He was the one that was annoyed by my clicking! It arrived very quickly too (2 days). Thank you.
--Jill R

"WOW !" That is excellent service > US to Switzerland Just received the QuietMouse in the mail this morning Post !! With the weekend inbetween, now that's excellent delivery service. As for the Mouse - "absolute Heaven to my ears" Well done. Cannot believe just how much more relaxing it makes computer use I have it for my Home Office use hooked into a Lenovo & Vista - wonderful. All round excellent service and greast value for money - something your competitors should take note of Best regards.
--Neil F

We received the quiet mouse and to date it is one of the best investments we have made. Both (my husband) and I enjoy using our computer more because of the the quiet mouse. What a great creation. Wishing you the best.
--Ruth R

I just received my mouse today. Actually, it arrived in the Philippines last 23 April 2009. I had to have it picked up from the post office since it required customs check. I am so happy with it! My wife is still ASLEEP and I've been on the PC for almost 3 hours now!
--Lakan B

My mouse was waiting when I got home last Tuesday, so I've been using it about four/six hours a day for a week now. I have to say, it's wonderful, so far. It took a couple days to adjust to it, because I had been using a Logitech with a higher profile. I am now perfectly comfortable with the QuietSmooth Mouse. The feel and responsiveness are better than I anticipated. I had one of the Japanese ones a while back, but it never did feel comfortable, and it developed a short in the cord after less than two months. As a result of the prior experience, I bought yours with some trepidation. It has exceeded my expectations. I appreciate the information sheet included with the mouse. It helped me know what to expect and gave me a great tip about the dark mousepad. It really helped me control the pointer much better. Thanks for your personal attention and responsiveness. I'll give you further feedback as I continue to use it.
--Doug J

Just wanted to let you know I received the QuiteMouse a couple of days ago, and I must say it has been a RELIEF and pleasure to use! Not only is it 'Quite' but has a 'smooth' cursor movement also, much prefer it over my (other mouse). Great piece of engineering! I will certainly recommend to friends/family. Thanks again!
--Ali K

Your mouse is a great product. It exceeded my expectations. The clicks are with less effort than and a more classic mouse feel than the other quiet mouse I tried. Also, the size of your quiet mouse also makes it actually usable every day.
--Frank C

Item arrived safe and sound. This is a beautiful product: best of luck with your business.
--Keith H

Just received my Quiet Mouse and it is great. Very quiet and smooth. The wheel works with smoothness I haven't found on others. I was having problems with getting actions done with my other mouse and as soon as I connected this one everything started working fine. Real nice feel to it. Very pleased with it and your quick delivery. Thanks again.
--Bruce C

I got it today and it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much.
--David P

Your packaging is awesome! Seriously, the brown box, the stamps, the wrapping paper. Very cool and personable! It's kind of odd not hearing the click at first, but so far after two hours, your mouse is exactly what I was looking for. This mouse is the best mouse I've ever used. Thanks, Mike C I have received the mouse. Have been using it for about an hour, and I like it so far. There is definitely a big difference between your mouse and the one I had been using before. Yours is really quite. Thanks for the good product!
--Pavlo R

Got the very quiet mouse today. I'm very happy with my purchase. Wish I thought of getting one a long time ago. Amazing how efficient and of course quiet this mouse is Thank you for this innovative product.
--Shella T

I've been using the QuietMouse for about 2 weeks, absolutely love it. When the lady goes to bed (I work nights) I just switch to the quiet mouse... no more annoying click-click-click's. Now, if you guys could make a quiet keyboard... :) (Seriously, if you guys could, that would be great!) Thanks for a great product.
--Mike G

Thank you very much, we received it on Friday and really love it. I would highly recommend it all.
--Diane S

I wanted to write and say 'thank you!'. The mouse was delivered (safe & sound) yesterday afternoon. I cannot get over what a fantastic product it is and I have quite proudly announced my purchase on Facebook (along with your website address), so you never know...you may just have some more orders coming your way. Thanks again for such efficient service. The purchase has been a fabulous experience, from beginning to end - I absolutely love the mouse!!!Kindest regards.
--Karen S

I just got my mouse today and it's awesome!! I'm so happy to have found it. It's amazingly silent and extremely responsive. Everyone needs this!
--Tracy P

I just received my mouse today. I was surprised how fast it got here. I was even more surprised when I used it. There is virtually NO sound. The clicking is GONE! No more annoying late nights with my husband gaming and clicking away. I can sleep peacefully. This is an excellent creation and I will definitely be suggesting this to friends and family. Thanks!!!
--Gloria H

My QuietSmooth mouse arrived today – I LOVE IT!!! I’m a casual games producer and play a lot of games at work and at home – LOTS of mouse clicks. Now that they’re silent clicks, I am no longer driving my husband crazy. We are both delighted. Awesome product! Thank you so much.
--Mary K

I received the mouse in the mail on Friday...that was fast! However, I did not get to try it out until this morning at work. It works great. The feel is so smooth and quiet! Thanks again for your help and for a great product.
--Brian F

Already Received. Great product. Exactly as advertised and what I was looking for. Quiet as a Mouse. :) That should be your slogan. Thank you.
--Daniel M

I just wanted to send you guys a quick thank you for the mouse =). It arrived just in time for our anniversary, and now my fiance is ecstatic that he'll be able to click away without worrying about waking me up at night. We can't believe how silent it is! Thank you for the great product, prompt service, and the sleep that I'll be gaining in the future!
--Heather S

I received the QuietMice today and they are just that – quiet! Now my girlfriend can scroll through documents and webpages one click at a time without making me nuts. You’ve got a good product. I assume this is new venture - good luck with it!
--Eric K

Wow, what a GREAT product!! My husband hated hearing all my clicking while I played games, so didn't get to play much, no problem now. Thank you for inventing such a quiet mouse.
--Sharon S

Oh good. I’m lovin’ my new clickfree life! JThank you!

It arrived (some while ago) and I have to say it is a very nice device to use – quiet of course but it also feels very good. This is certainly going to make life easier when recording – no mouse click noises interrupting things! Thanks again.